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PCCC* #16: Genius!
Montag, 13. September 2021, 19:30 - 23:00
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It has been 364 very long days but now, finally, your favourite comedy club in Vienna is back on stage in WUK Performing Arts and she is more clever than ever!

Isn’t it true that there’s a little genius hiding inside each and everyone of us?

On a daily basis we, the simple citizens, solve complex international political conflicts (and murders!), coach our favorite football team in ways that nobody thought of before, have more sophisticated taste than any stylist ever, know exactly how that film/tv-show/song/music video could have been made so much better!!! And all of this from the comfort of our own homes in front of our screens. Imagine what would be if we would take all this talent for high-end logic and step out into the world with it:

The solutions! The ideas! THE GENIUS!!

Come listen and laugh when our brilliant performers share stories about the times when they had the BEST idea, made the SMARTEST choice and felt like “This! THIS is the answer to everything!”

The term “Genius” has been monopolized by the dusty old white men-fraction for way too long and it is time to reclaim and renovate!

Währinger Straße 59
T +43-1-401 21-0


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