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Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2020
Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2020
  • Samstag, 10. Oktober 2020 | 09:30 - 14:30  | October-Gaga-Weekend Linz | | 

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    Gaga and "listen, trust & follow" Workshop with Smadar Goshen
    This weekend will feature Gaga classes, Repertoire of the Israeli choreographer Smadar Goshen and an improvisation session emphasizing partnering based on sensations. 
    The tools and information we'll absorb throughout the Gaga classes will assist us with finding depth and quality when learning set choreography and / or when improvising with a partner, maneuvering the two different bodies, the gravity and the rest of information surrounding us.
    This combination of sessions will lead us to listen, trust and follow our physical sensations, by doing that, we can visit new qualities, we let our body and mind discover our full range of availability.
    Open to all Levels! Feel welcome!
    The Weekend includes: 2 Gaga/people Classes, 1 Repertoire Class, 1 Improvisation Session Workshop, 2 Gaga/dancers Classes
    Please read this before you registrate: AGB
    Early-Bird-Price: 100,00€ (we sell 10 Early-Bird-Tickets! Be quick and catch one!)
    Normal-Price: 120,00€ 
    We have special prices for Dance Students. For benefit of this please send an email to: litiensemble@posteo.de
    If you want to join only one day please send an email to: litiensemble@posteo.de
    Saturday & Sunday°:
    10:00-11:00 Gaga/people (also beginners and dancers are very welcome!)
    15 min break
    11:15-12:45 Repertoire/Workshop (Open Level)
    30 min break
    13:15-14:15 Gaga/dancers (Open Level)
    °Änderungen vorbehalten/ changes reserved
    What is GAGA people.dancers.?
    Gaga is a movement language which Ohad Naharin developed over the course of many years and which is applied in daily practice and exercises by the Batsheva Dance Company members.  The language of Gaga originated from the belief in the healing, dynamic, everchanging power of movement.
    Gaga is a new way of gaining knowledge and self-awareness through your body. Gaga provides a framework for discovering and strengthening your body and adding flexibility, stamina, and agility while lightening the senses and imagination. Gaga raises awareness of physical weaknesses, awakens numb areas, exposes physical fixations, and offers ways for their elimi-nation. The work improves instinctive movement and connects conscious and unconscious movement, and it allows for an experience of freedom and pleasure in a simple way, in a pleasant space, in comfortable clothes, accompanied by music, each person with himself and others.
    more about Gaga you find here: www.gagapeople.com
    Ohad Naharins‘ short explanation of what we do in a Gaga-Class:
    “We become more aware of our form. We connect to the sense of the endlessness of possibilities. We explore multi-dimensional movement; we enjoy the burning sensation in our muscles, we are ready to snap, we are aware of our explosive power and sometimes we use it. We change our movement habits by finding new ones. We go beyond our familiar limits. We can be calm and alert at once.”
    Deutsche Übersetzung:
    Gaga und "hör zu, vertraue und folge" Workshop mit Smadar Goshen
    Dieses Wochenende beinhaltet Gaga-Klassen, das Repertoire der israelischen Choreografin Smadar Goshen und einen Improvisations Workshop, in dem der Focus auf die Wahrnehmung des Partners im Tanz betont wird. Die Werkzeuge und Informationen, die wir in den Gaga-Klassen aufnehmen, helfen uns dabei, beim Erlernen der Bühnenchoreografie und / oder beim Improvisieren mit einem Partner Tiefe und Qualität zu finden. Wir bewegen die beiden verschiedenen Körper, die Schwerkraft und den Rest der Informationen, die uns umgeben. Diese Kombinationen von Tanzerfahrungen wird uns dazu bringen, unseren körperlichen Empfindungen zuzuhören, ihnen zu vertrauen und ihnen zu folgen. Auf diese Weise können wir neue Qualitäten entdecken und unseren Körper und Geist unsere volle Verfügbarkeit entdecken lassen.
     ::  Training

  • Sonntag, 11. Oktober 2020 | 11:00 - 18:00  | FRACTUAL STRUCTURES . Platform for useless objects | ART SPACE stift millstatt | 

    platform for useless objects
    Installation . AKS
    25. September – 25. Oktober 2020
     FR 11 – 20 Uhr  |  Sa + So 11 – 18 Uhr

    Sinnentleerte Objekte begleiten unser Leben. Nebeneinander sorgsam aufgereiht, sich denselben Raum teilend, entwickeln sie ein Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl, das tiefer geht als menschliche Empathie. Klassifizierungen wie Einheimische, Steuerinländerin, ewige Ausländerin, Flüchtling oder Migrantin sind über den Stammtisch hinaus lebendig und vermüllen ein soziales Miteinander. Die Objekte haben uns etwas voraus –  
    platform for useless objects steht in enger Verbindung zur Tanzperformance  
    r o b o t i c  MELANCHOLIA

    Meaningless objects accompany our life. Carefully lined up next to each other, sharing the same space, they develop a feeling of togetherness that goes deeper than human empathy. Classifications such as native, tax resident, perpetual foreigner, refugee or migrant are lively beyond the regulars' table and spoil social interaction. The objects have something ahead of us. platform for useless objects is closely related to the dance performance  r o b o t i c MELANCHOLIA.

    in Zusammenarbeit mit  FORUM KUNST contemporary
    Location:  ART SPACE stift millstatt
    Stiftgasse 1 .  9872 Millstatt  .  +43 4766 35250

     ::  Anderes

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