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Dienstag, 19. November 2019
Dienstag, 19. November 2019
  • Dienstag, 19. November 2019 | 19:00 - 21:00  | Brazilian Butoh | Tanz*Hotel | 


    From the deep roots to the flowers of contemporary art:
    Butoh, physical theatre, contemporary dance, voice and performance.

    facebook Event: https://m.facebook.com/events/477954616308639/

    How can an art form that originates in one culture be understood and assimilated in other cultures? In this course, we will explore the originally Japanese Butoh dance through the lens of anthropophagic Brazilian Culture in order to express what could be contemporary Butoh Dance. 

    Taking foundational points of the Butoh Dance by Tatsumi Hijikata, we will research analogies in Brazilian Art and Culture to develop training, rehearsal and performance methodologies for this hybrid and intercultural dance.

    The participants will be invited to collaborate with their personal art techniques, cultural influences and mythology to devour and digest the Japanese Butoh Dance in a hybrid process of their own butoh expression. 

    Semester course with 12 meetings, 15.10.-14.01.
    Tuesdays, 19.00-21.00

    TANZ*HOTEL, Zirkusgasse 35, 1020 Vienna 
    Semester (12 classes) 250,-
    6 classes 150,-
    Single class 25,-

    Info & registration: anita.gritsch@gmail.com

    Will Lopes is a Brazilian Butoh dancer, actor, performer and director with 21 years of experience. Since 2018, he is based in Vienna and has been studying Butoh Dance with Atsushi Takenouchi at the Jinen Butoh School in Italy and other places in Europe. 

    Bachelor in Theater at the University of Brasilia in 2003, studied theatre, dance, dance-theatre, dramatic body mime, Butoh, circus, Martial Arts, and vertical dance. Physical trainer of performers specialized in the Brazilian technique Integral Bambu. Master degree in Communication and Semiotics at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo in 2016. 

    In his artistic works, he is specialized in the development of site-specific performances in the urban architecture of the city. He studied Brazilian popular culture with Antônio Nóbrega, Sei Tai Ho with Toshi Tanaka and cultural anthropological conceptions of the human body at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo.

    Online portfolio: http://willianlopesdf.wixsite.com/willianlopes
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/willbutoh/?modal=admin_todo_tour
    Jinen Butoh Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz1-272vnT5yqhrJCflPOuA/videos?view_as=subscriber
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jinenresearch/

     ::  Training

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