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April 2020
  • Donnerstag, 16. April 2020 | Donnerstag, 16. April 2020 - Sonntag, 19. April 2020 10:45 - 12:30
    | elease Technique: Relational Structures or to dance your Ass off and not get exhausted; with Sabine Parzer | | 

    Release Technique and Applied Anatamy

    In searching and yearning for a subtle, reflexive, healthy and expressive body we go deeper into the structures of our alignment. In order for us to move elegantly and powerful, to extend out into space and stay centered, to relate to gravity and fly of into the air, we need to access our internal relational structures such as:

    - Atlas - Tail - Heel connections
    - Jaw, Neck and Sacrum interplay
    - Pelvic and Shoulder Girdle Alignment
    - Ribcage and Spinal Dimensionality
    - Extremities to Core Relationship

    In this workshop we will explore through solo investigations, moving and resting hands on exercises, re-alignment focal points and choreographies which utilize and are facilitated by these relational structures from within our bodies.


    at: Tanzquartier Wien
    Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Vienna

    time: 10:45-12:30

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